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Old Navy Spring 2022 Preview – WTF?

I hate to be a negative Nelly here, but the early preview of Old Navy’s Spring 2022 line is (In my opinion) AWFUL.


I am not a hippie. I do not like billowy loose dresses. I don’t wear clogs, Birkenstocks, sandals or crocs.

Ugh…..let’s let the pics speak for themselves…..

Just……NO. The combo of tennis shoes/birks/crocs/clogs with dresses, overalls, etc. is just awful.

The one – ONE – item I like is the ballet shoes in the pic below:

The ballet shoes are adorable and appropriate with the outfit. I may also like the striped T-shirt but I have to see it in person. The shoes also come in a medium brown/woven type pattern.

If you want to subject yourself to more – below is the link to all the pics in the preview:

I am sincerely hoping they come out with more pixie pants which are a staple in my wardrobe and more classic button down shirts.

In any event……Thanks for reading……

Until next time…..

Keep Drinking the Crewlade!



Loren Hope – The Ones that ALMOST Got Away!!

Happy Friday!

I own two pairs of Loren’s Perry Earrings – Crystal and Aqua.

I read the reviews of these earrings and customers posted pictures of the Perry earrings they bought. Many customer posted pictures of three color ways that are no longer offered – coral pink and opal, fuschia and olive green, and my favorite- zircon and sapphire.

I saw these and I said to myself DAMMIT! I wish I had these!

Soooooooo……I dm’d Loren’s business account on Instagram asking if there’s a pair hiding around in their showroom in Newport. Loren dm’d me back saying she would get back with me once they’d have a chance to look.

Loren’s Operations Manager, Justine, emailed me directly saying they still have the stones and they can make a pair for me if I wanted them. Ummmmmm…..YES PLEASE!!!

Done and Done. They have been shipped and they are on their way! Can’t freakin’ wait.

This is the customer service and care that can only come from a small business. I sincerely appreciate it and it’s why I keep buying from Loren. They know me and appreciate my business.

I cannot recommend this company enough if you love jewelry or looking for a very special piece for an upcoming event or for a gift.

Something special is coming next week……Watch this blog for more deets to come soon!!!!

Remember to sign up for a $20 off Loren Hope Coupon here:

I will unbox these pretties next week when they get here. Go follow me on Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade 👍🏻

Until next time…….



Tons of New Arrivals at Loren Hope!! Volume 2!!!

There are new colors in three different styles of necklaces!! It’s been a hot minute since new colors have been offered in these necklaces.

All colors are offered in these styles:

Kaylee Necklace: 10 mm stones — this is one of Loren’s best selling items ever! When she came out with the Cotton Candy Ombré Kaylee last summer she could not make them fast enough. She would announce the pre-order for them and they would sell out before the shipping date!!!

Arista Necklace: 8 mm stones

Milly Necklace: 6 mm stones

Check out these new colors!!! The pictures below are of the Kaylee Necklace.

All of them are so gorgeous!!!! And – they are available in bracelets also!!!

The necklaces also come in crystal, apricot, emerald, and rose.

If you’re interested here is a coupon for $20 off your purchase at Loren Hope:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Happy Shopping! Until next time….



Tons of New Arrivals at Loren Hope!! Volume 1

Hello Hello Hello!!!

It’s been a minute since my last post…..

Today I wanted to write about my most recent Loren Hope purchase – the newly released Joyce Flower Brooch!!!

This brooch is truly a work of art! It’s just stunning! I saw it and just had to add it to my Loren Hope collection.

Some of the stones are vintage and the stones are hand set.

The brooch currently is on pre-order and will start shipping on November 1. It’s going to be worth the wait. Below is the link to the Joyce Flower Brooch:

So….let’s talk a little bit about all this newness coming out on the site. I’ll be posting later about these new items. Every single thing is absolutely gorgeous.

However, I am being very picky about what I am buying at this point for several reasons. First, I work from home and don’t wear my upscale costume jewelry every day. Second, I have too many necklaces I rarely wear already. Third, unfortunately, Loren had to raise prices on about 60-70% of her items due to supply increases. I know this is beyond her control and not every single piece has risen in price. But, to me it is significant to the point where items I have reconsidered items I previously considered buying. I’m not talking a $10 increase – it’s $20-30 on a single piece. Again, I repeat, it is NOT Loren’s fault – it just is what it is and I am just now being super picky about what I will buy.

I will post about the other new items soon. One thing at a time……

Don’t forget – here is the link for a $20 off Loren Hope Coupon:

That’s it for now. Until next time…..



Old Navy Holiday 2021 Preview!!!

Hello Peeps!!! I know it’s not officially fall yet.

But……here comes the Old Navy Holiday Preview!

I’ll give you the link later in the post so you can see everything yourself. But, in preparation for viewing all the pics – I have some opinions…

First: I am so sick of sweats. I rarely wear sweats outside my house if I am going anywhere. I know, I know – COVID. But….I am just done with sweats. They can go bye bye…..

Second: Let’s talk about the Shacket (shirt and jacket combo) trend. It’s from the 90s and it needs to go away. I’m not here for it.

The combo of one and two in the preview makes it look like you just rolled out of bed and threw something on. No effort and it makes people look like a shapeless slob.

Don’t even get me started on the shoes featured in one and two 🙄

Third: Distressed denim. Massive Holes in jeans. I can handle a little hole in the knee but come on people….it makes you look even more sloppy.

With that being said, there are a few gems in the preview. Below is my favorite:

This fair isle cardigan sweater — what I can see of it — is right up my alley. I might need to go up a size because it’s cropped. It’s adorable!

This fair isle sweater is really pretty. I am feeling the pink and black color combo.

I will be buying this sweater. Love the color….Love the snowflake pattern…..Just LOVE…..

I am a sucker for rainbow looking patterns. Love this sweater!

If you want to view the entire press kit here ya go:

In summary- there are a couple of gems in here, but nothing really to entice me to have my discretionary spending going here for the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed this preview…..Until next time….



Loren Hope the ones that MAYBE got away??

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

I am an owner of Loren’s Betty Bow Earrings in Ruby. These earrings were my first purchase from Loren and they are my favorite earrings ever!

They have a ruby stone on the post and the stone in the drop portion is pink. I am a sucker for the red and pink color combination!!!

Loren made these earrings in another colorway – Emerald and Aqua!!

I slept on buying these and they sold out!!!! Ugh…..


Saturday I sent a DM on Instagram to Loren’s account and just asked if they have any left in the stores showroom. She responded saying SHE MAY HAVE ONE PAIR LEFT! I understand the main word in that sentence is may but I am crossing my fingers 🤞🏻 there is a pair left. That would be so awesome!!!

If not, this would be classified as a holy grail that got away……..

I’ll keep you posted. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Until next time……



New Loren Hope Ombré Releases!!

Oh my goodness!!! Loren released two new ombré colorways yesterday and they are gorgeous!!!

Below is the Daydreamer Ombré:

Below is four separate pics of the Cosmic Ombré:

Bear with me as this may be confusing. Both colorways come in two different sized stones. All items come in either gold or hematite setting.

The Arista has 8 mm stones. The Milly has 6 mm stones

Each colorway has a Milly necklace and bracelet and each colorway has an Arista necklace and bracelet.

Loren also released three coordinating earrings:

Every single piece is simply stunning. I did not purchase any of these items. I do not go into the office anymore and rarely wear necklaces and bracelets. I wish Loren would have offered an Arista or Milly 3 pair stud pack with some or all of these stones. I would go for that in a heartbeat 💗

If you have to have any of these new ombré releases — remember you can get $20 off with this coupon:

Well…..that’s all for now. Until next time….



Bonnie Earrings From Loren Hope!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

I wanted to blog about a pair of earrings I’ve been putting off buying until yesterday. They are part of Loren Hope’s End of Summer Sale, where select items are 20% off. You can find the select items in the sale here:

There is a reason I put off purchasing these (Outside of a Discount). My husband and I have tickets to go to Boston for October 9 through October 15. During our trip, we are planning to head to Rhode Island, specifically Newport, to visit Loren Hope’s Flagship Store!!!

We purchased our tickets in April, when many people were getting vaccinated (including us and our entire family) and Covid was dying down. Then came the Delta variant and Covid cases skyrocketing. We are considering not going at this point but waiting until mid-September to make our final decision. If the Delta variant does not take a nose dive here in Washington or Massachusetts by mid September — we will not be going.

These earrings, the Bonnie earrings, have a different back to them. They are not a traditional post backing. I was wanting to try them out first when I visited the Newport store in October, but that may not be an option at this time because we may not be going on our trip. If the clasp did not work for my tiny ear lobes and holes, Loren’s team would be able to make me a clip on pair.

I also wanted to take advantage of the 20% discount. So, I took the chance and snagged a pair of Crystal Bonnie Earrings. I bought the Crystal pair because they will go with everything!!! They are truly stunning!!!!

Below are some more colors available – there are EIGHT colors available in these earrings!

I will post an unboxing video on my Instagram when they arrive – go follow me at drinkingthecrewlade 👍🏻

Remember to get your $20 off Loren Hope coupon here:

Sadly, Coupons and site or item discounts can’t be combined on orders. Only one code is valid on each order. If you order multiple items that are subject to the same code in one order. – you’re Golden. You may place separate orders and as long as your order is over $50 you will get free shipping!!!

That’s it for now!!! I hope you have a great day!!! Until next time….



That’s Rad!!!

My 80s soul LOVES this pin from Loren Hope!!!

This was originally released a few years ago but…..IT’S BACK BABY!!!


It’s $49 and with my $20 off coupon below – it takes it down to $29 plus shipping!

I anticipate wearing this with a lot of my winter coats – and even a Jean jacket!!!

I just had to tell you about this before they’re gone!

Go get yourself some pretties!!!!

Until next time……



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