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Let’s Talk….Old Navy Holiday 2020

Hello Peeps!

Old Navy finally posted their Holiday 2020 Preview!

First…..let’s talk Outerwear!

Um….where have these been? I love oversized coats. I already own one from Target from a couple of years ago. The grandma/grandpa feel with the large collars and single buttons on the front are very in style. And the plaid???? It’s right up my alley!!!!
A fleece Black Watch Plaid Pea Coat??? HECK YEAH!!

Now……let’s talk sweaters!!!!
All three of these Fair Isle sweaters have balloon sleeves, which have a consistent wider opening up to the elbow. The navy and light grey sweaters remind me of a J.Crew offering from a couple of years back. These kinds of sweaters are great staples during the holiday season!
Old Navy is classifying this sweater also as Fair Isle, but to me it’s not – it’s no where near that classification of pattern. I’m not sure what type of pattern it is from this shot. It looks like it’s a tunic length, which would be great with leggings!!

Now let’s talk about one of they guy’s offerings!!!

Love this look!! The festive button down, the layering, the top coat, everything!!!

This was just a snippet of what’s to come. Most items should be available on Old Navy’s website by 11/2/20.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. I will keep you updated on new releases from Old Navy, J.Crew and J.Crew Factory for the upcoming holiday season.

Have a great weekend and until next time….

Keep Drinking the Crewlade!!!!



Let’s Talk…..J.Crew Factory Pre-Fall Releases

Hello and Happy Friday!

Factory had a medium sized release on Wednesday. I did purchase a few things, which I will share with you. I also want to talk about what I didn’t purchase and also chat about their always offered staples.

This release had your basic fall prints, ie: zebra, cheetah, etc. Nothing that interested me at all. Again, this was not a full Fall release but I just was expecting a little more oomph in the print department.

This release was also a bit hodgepodge-y and a bit scattered. But this time of year for clothing is always that way. And, especially with the pandemic, I wondered if there was going to be anything at all I would want to get. I was surprised I liked anything quite frankly.

First up – I bought this cute knit Swiss Dot top. I’ve never tried a top like this, but since it’s knit, I’m hoping it’s figure friendly….I bought both the black and ivory colors

Second up – this adorable Apple Teddie Sweater. The leaf has sequins. It’s sooooo cute!!!

That’s all I purchased on Wednesday. I have several gift cards burning holes in my pocket and I want to save them for a BIG ORDER which I know will be coming late Fall/Holiday.

So… let’s talk stuff I didn’t buy and WHY…

First up – this Hippie Dippie top. It’s geared toward their Madewell customers. This top would not look right on me. Honestly I am so sick of BOHO crap. Get rid of it already!

Second up….this lovely sleeveless top. I would have bought it if I didn’t already have something similar. I love the ruffled neckline and it would be a great light layer under sweaters! It comes in Red, Ivory and Navy.

Let’s now talk about J.Crew Factory staples….the stuff they have every year.

First up….their Field Vest. Only in Navy and Black – for now. They always come out with prints and festive colors come late fall and holiday. They’re very versatile and I highly recommend them.

Second….their sweater blazers. They’re comfy, versatile and wear very well. However, they always tend to be priced on the higher side ALL THE TIME. They are excellent investment pieces.

Third……Solid Teddy Sweaters…I wear them all the time and have many colors. They are affordable, wash and wear well (although they are prone to pilling but I have a sweater shaver and my sweaters always look like new).

And last but not least, the cotton cardigan (formerly the Caryn Cardigan)…J.Crew Factory always have these sweaters around.

I have a bone to pick with Factory. The Caryn cardio has full length sleeves, which I don’t mind, but they’ve discontinued my favorite cardigan, the Claire. The Claire Cardigan had bracelet sleeves, which I adore. This makes me so sad….

So…..that’s it for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Until next time…..

Keep Drinking the Crewlade…….



My Summer Uniform

Happy Summer!

It’s going to be 90 degrees here in Olympia today. I’m staying inside in the A/C. Summer is not my favorite season. I don’t cope well with the heat.

Summer is not my favorite fashion season either. I don’t gravitate toward Summer styles. I don’t wear shorts. I barely wear skirts. I can’t swim and my anxiety goes through the roof just thinking about putting on a swimsuit.

As a result I have my summer uniform. It consists of:

J.Crew Collector T-Shirt


Cuffed Jeans

Loafers or flats

Cute Necklace or other accessory

Some current examples of this formula:

Bon Chien Indeed! This is one of my favorite t-shirts. I’m part French so I gravitate towards anything French themed.

Again…..French themed with the days of the week…..

Another theme I gravitate toward is animals, specifically dogs and cats. This J.Crew Factory dogs doing yoga t-shirt is just so cute.

Another theme I gravitate toward is COLOR. Black and White has its purpose but I live for color. Always have…..and yes, LOVE FIRST…….LOVE IS LOVE…..

Do you have a Summer uniform? I want to know…….I can’t be the only one.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Until next time….

Keep Drinking the Crewlade



So Much Loss…..Remembering Duncan, Delaney & Thelma

Hello Everyone! It’s been a minute since my last post on this blog. My blog is not meant to be serious in any way. I simply started it to document my love for a few specific brands of clothing: J.Crew, Kate Spade and Old Navy. I started this blog as a hobby and it has seriously fell to the way side. I am hoping to get back into posting on this blog. I am in need of distraction from the craziness that is going on in the world.

So much has changed in my life since I last posted here. Today I’m going to focus on the biggest change in my life.

Life has not been kind to us. Dario and I have lost three animals in two years. In addition to that, I lost my grandmother on 4/13/19 and Dario lost his grandmother in December 2019.

Thelma Jean de la Rosa aka AKC Ch. Suntory Summer Storm

7/3/04 – 4/23/18

Delaney Mae Cantonwine de la Rosa

7/19/07 – 05/20/19

Duncan Fife Cantonwine

9/17/04 – 04/10/20

We miss our kids desperately. They brought so much joy to us. Nothing will ever replace them – they were one of a kind. I can’t even begin to express the sadness I continue to feel everyday for them. I’m tearing up right now writing this post. They say time heals pain. I think that may be true for some people and in some situations. However, I think for some, and for me, time exacerbates pain and it gets harder before any healing begins.

After Thelma passed in April 2018, Dario was ready for a new companion. So we welcomed this little one to our Family in August 2018:

Fannie Rae Cantonwine de la Rosa aka AKC Ch. Suntory Fandango, born 12/1/14

Fannie is such a night and day difference from Thelma. Thelma hated walks and Fannie loves her walkies. Thelma was a couch potato and Fannie is much more active. Thelma was a chunky monkey and Fannie is such a tiny little girl. In fact, she’s so tiny for a Lhasa Apso that she did not have any kids and came straight to us after she was done with the show ring.

Our hearts will always be broken over the loss of Thelma, Delaney and Duncan. However, we continue to love them every day by thinking of them, remembering them and remembering the joy they brought us.

My heart is not ready for a new little one of my own yet. I am not sure I will ever be ready. Maybe… time….

Until next time……



JCrew on the Back Burner

Hello All:

I am so sorry I have not posted in a while.  We….well, I…..have been through a lot in the past 9 months.

As most of you know, my West Highland White Terrier, Delaney, was diagnosed with Lymphoma on November 12, 2018.  After six months of chemotherapy, she lost her battle on May 20, 2019 at the age of 11 1/2.

delaney jpg

My girl was everything to me.

Needless to say, J.Crew has been on the back burner.  It has been hard to continue to love things you previously enjoyed while mourning.  I am kind of still in that space.

I am intending on posting my current thoughts on Retail and Factory offerings, as well as a sneak peek of upcoming Old Navy Holiday!  Yay!

Until Next Time…

Keep Drinking the Crewlade…



New JCrew Retail Arrivals

Hello All!

JCrew Retail has new arrivals on their site!

Code GOFORIT gets you 40% off $200+ or 30% off under $200!

cardi 2

I have curtailed my clothing allowance back due to my Westie, Delaney, being ill. She is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma.  She is doing well and is currently in remission.  So, in short, I have been pretty picky about what I buy due to her medical needs.

This cardi is a repeat of a Fall 2018 offering.  The yellow color is being named Vintage Citrus.  I am a sucker for anything with sequins! It also comes in the color Flame:

cardi 1

As some of you know I DESPISE THE COLOR ORANGE IN ANY FORM.  I have been told this is a true coral color.  I am hoping it is more pink than orange.  However, the color description – flame – leaves me to believe it is a true orange-y coral.  So, I just might keep it anyway due to it being so fabulous!

I also bought a couple of T-shirts from retail this time around.

My guy and I are headed up to the Marysville Outlets on Saturday.  I have a return to JCrew Factory to take with me this time around.  I am not sure if I will be exchanging what I bought for different sizes or just returning them.  Since JCrew Factory rebranded to JCrew Mercantile, their sizing has changed on a lot of items.  My normal size in tops is a size Small.  But, the items I am returning are HUGE on me and I need an XSmall.  The sizing is really inconsistent.

I am also looking forward to going to the Kate Spade Outlet.  I am not sure if I am going to buy anything, as I really do not need a thing from KSO.  Something will really need to be a good buy OR so cute I just have to have it.

I am also going to go into the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet.  I am hoping they still have some winter leather riding boots available.  I saw some in Macys a month or so ago, but they did not have my size available and the style in the store was not available online.

I am also going into the Gap Factory Outlet.  They have their Girlfriend Khakis on sale and they would go great with the JCrew cardi’s above!

I will film a video on my Outlet haul and post it on my Instagram.  My Instagram handle is: drinkingthecrewlade so go follow me for all things JCrew, Kate Spade and how to get the look for less.

I will post soon about Delaney’s health and her illness.

Until then….

Keep Drinking the Crewlade!



Old Navy 2019 Spring Preview

Hello Everyone!  Long Time No Blog!

I have to admit that when I initially saw Old Navy’s sneak peek of their 2019 Spring Preview Showroom, I was severely disappointed.  I did not see one item I wanted to buy, nevertheless covet.

A few weeks later, Old Navy posted a story on their Instagram account that featured some new Pixie pants that looked amazing ie: Dark Navy with Daisies, along with a new pointe knit Pixie with stripes (which I have come to love).

Then, sitting in a parking lot waiting for a store to open today I searched to see if Old Navy had posted anything in their Spring Look Book yet.  Low and behold, they did!

Here are some highlights and my thoughts on the items and styling of each look!  Below the pics are info on the items featured and estimation on availability at Old Navy!

spring2019_01 (1).jpg

look 01
Ribbed Pullover: 391155; 2/18; $36.99 
Crew Pullover: 284687; Cont’d; $29.99 
Striped Button-Front Shirt: 392214; 1/14; $36.99 
Power Straight Jean: 394219; 2/18; $34.99 
Shoes: 146172; Cont’d; $24.99

I am coveting the striped shirt and it looks like the crew pullover is right up my alley too!


look 02
Mariner-Stripe Tee: 391050; 1/14; $22.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391102; 1/14; $49.99 
NEW! Power Straight Jean: 394218; 2/18; $44.99 
Slingback Heels: 392947; 1/14; $34.99

The new style of coat I will have to try on to see if the style suits me.  I am in love with this new shade of pink!  The Mariner Stripe Tee is a staple!!!


look 03
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 391900; 1/28; $49.99 
Hoodie: 380883; 1/14; $29.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391102; 1/14; $49.99 
Mule Bootie: 391365; 1/14; $39.99
Again, the new style coat will need to be tried on, but this is a very interesting blue shade.   It’s a bit of a cornflower blue hue.  Me likey!!!
look 05
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 394220; 2/18; $44.99 
Striped Button-Front Shirt: 390939; 1/14; $26.99 
Ribbed Pullover: 345970; Cont’d; $39.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391090; 1/14; $59.99 
Striped Crossbody Bag: 394897; 1/14; $29.99 
Ballet Heel: 378968; 1/14; $34.99
THIS WHOLE LOOK – JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY OLD NAVY!  I especially can’t wait to get my hands on the pink striped shirt. 
look 06
Mariner Tee: 380895; 1/14; $24.99 
Eyelet Ruffle-Sleeve Top: 390994; 2/18; $34.99 
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 391898; 1/28; $49.99 
Coat: 391103; Cont’d; $49.99 
Mule Bootie: 391365; $39.99
This look is a little strange in its styling – a tee under a ruffle sleeve top.  Weird…..But the coat featured, what I can see of it, would be an awesome spring staple!
look 10
Wide-Leg Crop Jean: 394304; 1/14; $39.99 
Poppy Top: 390940; 1/14; $26.99 
Water-Resistant Fleece-Lined Anorak: 390908; 1/14; $59.99 
Double Strap Heel: 392947; 1/14; $39.99
Ok.  So, this LOOK is very cute.  But the color – NOT!  I look like I am dead in this color, but the styling of this look is right on point.
look 12
Track Pant: 381880; 1/14; $34.99 
Track Jacket: 390704; 1/14; $36.99 
Tee: 381809; 1/14; $19.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391101; Cont’d; $49.99 
Beanie: 379942; Cont’d; $12.99 
Heel: 393900; 2/18; $29.99
Ok.  With this look, Old Navy is trying to channel JCrew with the juxtaposition of styling athletic wear with daily clothes.  I am not sure about it (never have) and really don’t like it, but I wanted to show that Old Navy is trying to mimic a Jenna Lyons – JCrew styling technique.
look 14
Pink Rugby Shirt: 391071; 1/14; $29.99 
Burgundy Rugby Shirt: 391071; 1/14; $29.99 
High-Rise Button-Fly Rockstar Jean: 394030; 1/14; $44.99 
Block-Heel Sandal: 391393; 2/18; $29.99
THIS. LOOK. IS. MY. SPIRIT. ANIMAL. – KEEP TAKING MY MONEY OLD NAVY!  I miss Rugby Shirts!  I am a child of the 80s and rugby shirts were so comfy and snuggly.  In fact, I just ordered a couple of rugby shirts from JCrew last week and I am patiently waiting their arrival.  I will be buying every color Old Navy makes in these shirts. However, I will not be wearing these types of shoes with this style shirt.  I will be wearing loafers, as it will be January in Olympia and friggin’ cold out! 
Here are a couple of other pics from their Spring Showroom:
So, in short, I need to reserve my negative opinion on these previews until I see more from Old Navy with their Lookbooks.  The showroom sneek peeks just don’t show a whole lot and it’s just a snippit of what they will be offering.
I can’t wait to get my hands on some stuff.  I will be spending more this spring than the last TWO spring seasons.  Keep it up Old Navy!
Until next time…..
Keep Drinking the Crewlade!

02.04.17 Outfit of the Day!!!

I have not posted an OOTD lately.  During the week I get up at either 4 or 4:30 to get ready for work, so dressing up and putting on makeup is not high on my priority list that early in the morning.  If I do dress up, I usually wait to put makeup on later in the morning at work. 

Then I get busy and forget to take a pic of my cute outfit.  Ugh….

So, anywho here is my OOTD!

Old Navy cardi, t-shirt and jeans, Bass boots (it’s pissing rain today in Olympia, WA), and JCrew Lucite Necklace.  The necklace was a Christmas gift from my sister in law.  I love it! It has a grosgrain ribbon closure.  It’s fabulous!!!

I hope all of you have a great weekend.  I am running errands today.  My guy and I are going  out for lunch, take a look at some treadmills (we are in the market as our old treadmill finally died), head off to Lowes to look at items we are considering doing for our yearly home improvement projects.  It’s going to be a fun day!!

Until next time!!!



Flashback Friday!!

Long time no write!  Hehe….


Today’s JCrew flashback is from October 2009.  This outfit is subtle, yet stunning.  I love the subtlety of the blush pink cardi.

The jewelry is in a class all by itself!  I adore the crystals paired with a grosgrain ribbon!


Until next time….



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