I have not posted an OOTD lately.  During the week I get up at either 4 or 4:30 to get ready for work, so dressing up and putting on makeup is not high on my priority list that early in the morning.  If I do dress up, I usually wait to put makeup on later in the morning at work. 

Then I get busy and forget to take a pic of my cute outfit.  Ugh….

So, anywho here is my OOTD!

Old Navy cardi, t-shirt and jeans, Bass boots (it’s pissing rain today in Olympia, WA), and JCrew Lucite Necklace.  The necklace was a Christmas gift from my sister in law.  I love it! It has a grosgrain ribbon closure.  It’s fabulous!!!

I hope all of you have a great weekend.  I am running errands today.  My guy and I are going  out for lunch, take a look at some treadmills (we are in the market as our old treadmill finally died), head off to Lowes to look at items we are considering doing for our yearly home improvement projects.  It’s going to be a fun day!!

Until next time!!!