Hello Everyone!  Long Time No Blog!

I have to admit that when I initially saw Old Navy’s sneak peek of their 2019 Spring Preview Showroom, I was severely disappointed.  I did not see one item I wanted to buy, nevertheless covet.

A few weeks later, Old Navy posted a story on their Instagram account that featured some new Pixie pants that looked amazing ie: Dark Navy with Daisies, along with a new pointe knit Pixie with stripes (which I have come to love).

Then, sitting in a parking lot waiting for a store to open today I searched to see if Old Navy had posted anything in their Spring Look Book yet.  Low and behold, they did!

Here are some highlights and my thoughts on the items and styling of each look!  Below the pics are info on the items featured and estimation on availability at Old Navy!

spring2019_01 (1).jpg

look 01
Ribbed Pullover: 391155; 2/18; $36.99 
Crew Pullover: 284687; Cont’d; $29.99 
Striped Button-Front Shirt: 392214; 1/14; $36.99 
Power Straight Jean: 394219; 2/18; $34.99 
Shoes: 146172; Cont’d; $24.99

I am coveting the striped shirt and it looks like the crew pullover is right up my alley too!


look 02
Mariner-Stripe Tee: 391050; 1/14; $22.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391102; 1/14; $49.99 
NEW! Power Straight Jean: 394218; 2/18; $44.99 
Slingback Heels: 392947; 1/14; $34.99

The new style of coat I will have to try on to see if the style suits me.  I am in love with this new shade of pink!  The Mariner Stripe Tee is a staple!!!


look 03
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 391900; 1/28; $49.99 
Hoodie: 380883; 1/14; $29.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391102; 1/14; $49.99 
Mule Bootie: 391365; 1/14; $39.99
Again, the new style coat will need to be tried on, but this is a very interesting blue shade.   It’s a bit of a cornflower blue hue.  Me likey!!!
look 05
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 394220; 2/18; $44.99 
Striped Button-Front Shirt: 390939; 1/14; $26.99 
Ribbed Pullover: 345970; Cont’d; $39.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391090; 1/14; $59.99 
Striped Crossbody Bag: 394897; 1/14; $29.99 
Ballet Heel: 378968; 1/14; $34.99
THIS WHOLE LOOK – JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY OLD NAVY!  I especially can’t wait to get my hands on the pink striped shirt. 
look 06
Mariner Tee: 380895; 1/14; $24.99 
Eyelet Ruffle-Sleeve Top: 390994; 2/18; $34.99 
NEW! High-Rise Rockstar with 24/7 Sculpt Jean: 391898; 1/28; $49.99 
Coat: 391103; Cont’d; $49.99 
Mule Bootie: 391365; $39.99
This look is a little strange in its styling – a tee under a ruffle sleeve top.  Weird…..But the coat featured, what I can see of it, would be an awesome spring staple!
look 10
Wide-Leg Crop Jean: 394304; 1/14; $39.99 
Poppy Top: 390940; 1/14; $26.99 
Water-Resistant Fleece-Lined Anorak: 390908; 1/14; $59.99 
Double Strap Heel: 392947; 1/14; $39.99
Ok.  So, this LOOK is very cute.  But the color – NOT!  I look like I am dead in this color, but the styling of this look is right on point.
look 12
Track Pant: 381880; 1/14; $34.99 
Track Jacket: 390704; 1/14; $36.99 
Tee: 381809; 1/14; $19.99 
Soft-Brushed Coat: 391101; Cont’d; $49.99 
Beanie: 379942; Cont’d; $12.99 
Heel: 393900; 2/18; $29.99
Ok.  With this look, Old Navy is trying to channel JCrew with the juxtaposition of styling athletic wear with daily clothes.  I am not sure about it (never have) and really don’t like it, but I wanted to show that Old Navy is trying to mimic a Jenna Lyons – JCrew styling technique.
look 14
Pink Rugby Shirt: 391071; 1/14; $29.99 
Burgundy Rugby Shirt: 391071; 1/14; $29.99 
High-Rise Button-Fly Rockstar Jean: 394030; 1/14; $44.99 
Block-Heel Sandal: 391393; 2/18; $29.99
THIS. LOOK. IS. MY. SPIRIT. ANIMAL. – KEEP TAKING MY MONEY OLD NAVY!  I miss Rugby Shirts!  I am a child of the 80s and rugby shirts were so comfy and snuggly.  In fact, I just ordered a couple of rugby shirts from JCrew last week and I am patiently waiting their arrival.  I will be buying every color Old Navy makes in these shirts. However, I will not be wearing these types of shoes with this style shirt.  I will be wearing loafers, as it will be January in Olympia and friggin’ cold out! 
Here are a couple of other pics from their Spring Showroom:
So, in short, I need to reserve my negative opinion on these previews until I see more from Old Navy with their Lookbooks.  The showroom sneek peeks just don’t show a whole lot and it’s just a snippit of what they will be offering.
I can’t wait to get my hands on some stuff.  I will be spending more this spring than the last TWO spring seasons.  Keep it up Old Navy!
Until next time…..
Keep Drinking the Crewlade!