Happy Sunday!!!

Sooo……I thought I would share a couple of pics I found on Instagram with some possible hints of what’s to come for Fall from Loren Hope.

The necklace on the bust on the left with the white stones was sold a few years ago. I would really consider purchasing this one for my own collection- it makes a statement without being overwhelming.

The necklaces with the tear drop crystal stones are new – they are, in my opinion, a amalgamated combo of two current necklaces currently being offered on the website: The Jaime and The Artemis.

Let’s talk earrings……this pic has a pair of earrings (bottom far right pair that looks like a daisy) that was made in different color ways a few years ago that I love ❤️- they are classic and whimsy all in one. The two on the far left (Top and bottom far left) are new to me. The top pair of studs are classic and can be worn with anything. The bottom far left pair complement the new teardrop necklace nicely.

The other earrings featured are currently available on the website.

The pic below is the one with the stuff I am most excited about. I follow a few hashtags on Instagram and this came up. Loren was at some kind of vendor event in New York (I think?) and the organizer posted this pic. Loren is on the left in this pic wearing the most beautiful green top 👍🏻

So…..let’s get into the goodies….

The items on the far left are current offerings – the Kaylee necklaces and Darla bracelets. The tiara is sold out on the website but it looks like there is one still available.

The two items on the far right with the springs are Christmas Tree Toppers!!! The crystal bow one is sooooooo cute!!!

Ok – the tray on the left has some new items. In front of the pink bust there are two drop earrings I have never seen before. One pair is smaller than the other with the drop portion of the earring. Both pairs seem to be all crystal stones.

The rest of the items from the tray on the left are currently offered items on Loren’s site.

Let’s talk about the tray on the right – in front of the woman with the gray dress. The items in the front of the tray with the emerald items are current offerings on the website except for the earrings laid down in the tray – I don’t think I am familiar with those.

The gold chains in the back along with the tiara are current as well. Let’s talk about the rings above the tiara- below the lady’s belt. I can’t wait to see those released.

The items in the middle of the tray are what I am most excited to see released. The necklace looks fabulous, the studs and statement earrings look fabulous! The colors – blush, emerald, rose….

Waiting is so hard people!!! Come on Lauren – just give us a glimpse of what’s coming…..PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEE???? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I hope you enjoy this preview!

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I hope you have a great day!!! Until next time….