Happy Sunday!!!

I wanted to blog about a pair of earrings I’ve been putting off buying until yesterday. They are part of Loren Hope’s End of Summer Sale, where select items are 20% off. You can find the select items in the sale here:


There is a reason I put off purchasing these (Outside of a Discount). My husband and I have tickets to go to Boston for October 9 through October 15. During our trip, we are planning to head to Rhode Island, specifically Newport, to visit Loren Hope’s Flagship Store!!!

We purchased our tickets in April, when many people were getting vaccinated (including us and our entire family) and Covid was dying down. Then came the Delta variant and Covid cases skyrocketing. We are considering not going at this point but waiting until mid-September to make our final decision. If the Delta variant does not take a nose dive here in Washington or Massachusetts by mid September — we will not be going.

These earrings, the Bonnie earrings, have a different back to them. They are not a traditional post backing. I was wanting to try them out first when I visited the Newport store in October, but that may not be an option at this time because we may not be going on our trip. If the clasp did not work for my tiny ear lobes and holes, Loren’s team would be able to make me a clip on pair.

I also wanted to take advantage of the 20% discount. So, I took the chance and snagged a pair of Crystal Bonnie Earrings. I bought the Crystal pair because they will go with everything!!! They are truly stunning!!!!

Below are some more colors available – there are EIGHT colors available in these earrings!

I will post an unboxing video on my Instagram when they arrive – go follow me at drinkingthecrewlade 👍🏻

Remember to get your $20 off Loren Hope coupon here:


Sadly, Coupons and site or item discounts can’t be combined on orders. Only one code is valid on each order. If you order multiple items that are subject to the same code in one order. – you’re Golden. You may place separate orders and as long as your order is over $50 you will get free shipping!!!

That’s it for now!!! I hope you have a great day!!! Until next time….