Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

I am an owner of Loren’s Betty Bow Earrings in Ruby. These earrings were my first purchase from Loren and they are my favorite earrings ever!

They have a ruby stone on the post and the stone in the drop portion is pink. I am a sucker for the red and pink color combination!!!

Loren made these earrings in another colorway – Emerald and Aqua!!

I slept on buying these and they sold out!!!! Ugh…..


Saturday I sent a DM on Instagram to Loren’s account and just asked if they have any left in the stores showroom. She responded saying SHE MAY HAVE ONE PAIR LEFT! I understand the main word in that sentence is may but I am crossing my fingers 🤞🏻 there is a pair left. That would be so awesome!!!

If not, this would be classified as a holy grail that got away……..

I’ll keep you posted. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Until next time……