There are new colors in three different styles of necklaces!! It’s been a hot minute since new colors have been offered in these necklaces.

All colors are offered in these styles:

Kaylee Necklace: 10 mm stones — this is one of Loren’s best selling items ever! When she came out with the Cotton Candy Ombré Kaylee last summer she could not make them fast enough. She would announce the pre-order for them and they would sell out before the shipping date!!!

Arista Necklace: 8 mm stones

Milly Necklace: 6 mm stones

Check out these new colors!!! The pictures below are of the Kaylee Necklace.

All of them are so gorgeous!!!! And – they are available in bracelets also!!!

The necklaces also come in crystal, apricot, emerald, and rose.

If you’re interested here is a coupon for $20 off your purchase at Loren Hope:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Happy Shopping! Until next time….