Happy Friday!

I own two pairs of Loren’s Perry Earrings – Crystal and Aqua.

I read the reviews of these earrings and customers posted pictures of the Perry earrings they bought. Many customer posted pictures of three color ways that are no longer offered – coral pink and opal, fuschia and olive green, and my favorite- zircon and sapphire.

I saw these and I said to myself DAMMIT! I wish I had these!

Soooooooo……I dm’d Loren’s business account on Instagram asking if there’s a pair hiding around in their showroom in Newport. Loren dm’d me back saying she would get back with me once they’d have a chance to look.

Loren’s Operations Manager, Justine, emailed me directly saying they still have the stones and they can make a pair for me if I wanted them. Ummmmmm…..YES PLEASE!!!

Done and Done. They have been shipped and they are on their way! Can’t freakin’ wait.

This is the customer service and care that can only come from a small business. I sincerely appreciate it and it’s why I keep buying from Loren. They know me and appreciate my business.

I cannot recommend this company enough if you love jewelry or looking for a very special piece for an upcoming event or for a gift.

Something special is coming next week……Watch this blog for more deets to come soon!!!!

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I will unbox these pretties next week when they get here. Go follow me on Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade 👍🏻

Until next time…….