I hate to be a negative Nelly here, but the early preview of Old Navy’s Spring 2022 line is (In my opinion) AWFUL.


I am not a hippie. I do not like billowy loose dresses. I don’t wear clogs, Birkenstocks, sandals or crocs.

Ugh…..let’s let the pics speak for themselves…..

Just……NO. The combo of tennis shoes/birks/crocs/clogs with dresses, overalls, etc. is just awful.

The one – ONE – item I like is the ballet shoes in the pic below:

The ballet shoes are adorable and appropriate with the outfit. I may also like the striped T-shirt but I have to see it in person. The shoes also come in a medium brown/woven type pattern.

If you want to subject yourself to more – below is the link to all the pics in the preview:


I am sincerely hoping they come out with more pixie pants which are a staple in my wardrobe and more classic button down shirts.

In any event……Thanks for reading……

Until next time…..

Keep Drinking the Crewlade!