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New Releases From Loren Hope!

Happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to share a few new releases from Loren Hope. Get ready to go oooooooh and ahhhhhhhh…..

The Gwenyth Earring in Rainbow Ombré. I love how one earring is warm toned and the other is cool toned. Just beautiful!!!

Next up is the Vreeland Stud Earrings in Cotton Candy Ombré. So beautiful! I might have bought these for myself, but I am not a Pearl Girl.

Next is the Vreeland Earrings in Cotton Candy Ombré – the studs more glamorous sister. Just beautiful!!!

I am waiting for Loren’s Fall releases. I am waiting with breath that is bated. Maybe next weekend I will post a pic I found on an Instagram story with a blurry – but decipherable sneak peek??? Would you all like that??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I also wanted to post a pic of the Sophia studs I bought recently

The bottom pair is called pale dogwood. The filter on the pic does not show its true beauty. In real life it is an off-white peachy color with a hint of pale pink. I wore the light blue color – cashmere – yesterday and they are beautiful!

Remember here is a $20 off Loren Hope Coupon to get you some pretties! If you use your coupon I will get one of my own 🥳

The coupon can be found here:

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone has a great week! My twin sister and I are celebrating our 50th Birthday Wednesday, August 11. We will be headed to a delayed celebratory “Linner” on Saturday. Can’t wait!!!

Until next time…….



The Ones That Got Away — Loren Hope Volume 3

Soooo……I used to wear very large statement necklaces years ago. I have gotten away from wearing very large necklaces, as I realized they ended up wearing me.

My current necklace collection pales in comparison to my collection years ago. I still have a few necklaces that are borderline too big for me, but they’re so pretty I just can’t give them up…..

This leads me to today’s featured Loren Hope piece of years past…. The Blythe Necklace.

Isn’t she cute? It’s a statement necklace without being in-your-face. She seems to be the perfect size and has the perfect combination of different sized stones. The chain I am sure would allow me to adjust where I would prefer the necklace to sit depending on what I am wearing that day.

She came in all different colors over many seasons.

This black and iridescent crystal colorway has captured my heart.

I am very sad I missed out on this one. 😢😢😢

What do you think of the Blythe necklace? If you own one – first off all – you lucky duck 🦆!! Second – how much do you like/love it? Let me know!

Remember I have a $20 off Loren Hope Coupon here:

Go follow me on Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade – for the most recent up to date info on Loren Hope and unboxings!!!

Until next time…..



More Loren Hope Sophia Studs!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Loren Hope sells her beautiful jewelry through select retailers across the USA, as well as on her website and at her flagship store in Newport Rhode Island. One of those retailers is Gilded Social. You can find their Loren Hope Sale here:

Through Instagram I found out select LH items were on sale! Soooo…. I snagged up a few colors of the Sophia studs I thought I had missed out on!!!

This color is called Dogwood. It looks like an off-white leaning yellow shade. A great neutral color for a lot of outfits.

Ooooh Merlot……This color to me is the essence of Fall……

And…..last but certainly not least…..this color is called Cashmere- which looks like a milky matte light blue. Soooo pretty.

My package was shipped today so I will post on my Instagram when they arrive – go check out my Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade

That’s it for now! Until next time……



New J. Crew Factory Release

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been in a good amount of pain today and so this post is going to be short. But, I wanted to quickly share with you my Factory purchase.

J. Crew Factory had some new releases last Wednesday. It’s pre-fall time and I have to say I was underwhelmed.

Along with the three shirts below, I bought a black girlfriend T-shirt and white girlfriend T-shirt.

My first button up shirt is a summer print 👇🏻

I love the turquoise and green!!! So fun!

The next two shirts are gingham and will meet my needs for transition into Fall:

Both of these are going to go perfectly with my new Loren Hope Ruth Earrings 👇🏻

Love it! Let’s hope Factory’s next release in August is more exciting 🤞🏻

Go shop women’s new Factory arrivals here:

Well….that’s it from me for now. I hope you have a great week!!



The Ones That Got Away — Loren Hope Volume 2

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Today’s post is about Loren Hope’s Abba Earrings. These earrings have been a constant offering by Loren for a long time. As a result, there are MANY colorways I have missed out on…….

Jeeze Louise….take a look at these bright colors!!! The teals, amethyst and dark blue……oh my!!!!

This fuschia is TO DIE FOR!!!!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR 🚪— just gorgeous!!!

There was also a jet black pair I wanted to show you, but I did not get permission from the Instagram account to post it 😢 oh well….

As you may remember I earned a pair of the gold/crystal colorway for free a few weeks ago, as I had enough reward points. I adore them and would have liked to have a jet black pair and probably one of the teal or amethyst pairs…….

Such is life……I guess…..Loren sometimes brings prior releases back if she happens to obtain the materials. I hope the black ones come back come Holiday!!! That would be soooo awesome!


Go get yourself some pretties!!!

That’s all for now. Until next time…..



Loren Hope The One that ALMOST Got Away!

Sooooooo……I’ve blogged about LH’s Ruth Earrings before. I purchased the only color way she had back in May. They are simply gorgeous!

When I discovered LH, I went down the rabbit hole and looked at a lot of items she offered previously but are no longer available. One of those pieces was the Ruth Earrings in a different colorway:

I was so bummed I missed out on these. They are just really pretty.

Last week, LH Instagram account posted a pic on their stories a pic of their Newport, RI showroom. Guess what was in the bottom corner of the pic? I could see top half of these earrings!

I sent a message – is this a current pic of the showroom? Am I able to buy those??? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sure enough – the customer service team sent me an invoice to my email associated with my LH account and *BAM* 💥💥💥💥 They we’re mine! The LH customer service team is so great and they go above and beyond to provide you with the best service!

They are on their way to me now! They are just lovely and I can’t wait to wear them with some transitional pieces going into fall.

Speaking of fall……I can’t wait for LH, J. Crew and Elizabeth Wilson Designs pre-fall releases. LH and JC have been really quiet about pre-fall. JC Factory should have a few things this Wednesday and I will hopefully have some time to blog about that later this week or this weekend.

Elizabeth Wilson Designs posted a 15 second reel with a quick peek at the print at the center of her pre fall release. It’s a perfect print for the fall transition.

Speaking of EWD, I have to post my outfit from yesterday:

I’m wearing EWD Katherine Top in Red Gingham, Old Navy Jeans and Flats and LH Cupid Earrings in Crystal. Soooooo cute!!!

Don’t forget I have a $20 Loren Hope Coupon waiting for you:

Well…..that is it for now. Go to my Instagram— drinkingthecrewlade — for an unboxing of these Ruth Earrings on Thursday! See you there!



Loren Hope Sale Continues Today and My Recent Purchases!!!!

The code MARYTS will continue through today only for 15% off your Loren Hope purchase. It can’t be used with any other offers….but….

Depending on what you want to buy, the Buy 3 Studs Get 1 Stud Free promo is still going on! It’s automatically applied when you put the studs in your cart. This promo may save you more money than the 15% off code.

My recent purchases should be arriving Monday, 7/12 and Tuesday, 7/13. I already shared and blogged about my purchase of Sophia Studs. Here is a pic of order one:

Last weekend there was a different promo – purchase $250+ and get a pair of the Maci Heart Studs in your color choice for free. I jumped on the opportunity to get one of my current holy grails — The Emily four drops. I also bought the Kaylee Studs in Emerald. I chose the Maci studs in the Coral colorway.

Here is a pic of orders two, three and four:

Order two was the Buy 3 Studs Get 1 Free. I chose the London Bow Earrings (Bottom left and center) in Aqua and Pink, and the Blake Bow studs (bottom center). For order three with my 15% off promo, Ipurchased the Cupid Earrings in Crystal and the Perry Earrings in Aqua. Sooooo pretty!!!!

Order four was a FREEBIE!!!!!! I collected enough loyalty rewards to earn a pair of Abba earrings in Gold/Crystal (Upper center). They are so sophisticated without being in-your-face blingy.

Again, all these things, along with my four Sophia studs, will be here Monday and Tuesday, 7/12-7/13.

This is such a good time to try out and see for yourself the beautiful craftsmanship of hand made heirloom jewelry that Loren makes.

Go check out and take advantage of the promos going on. I still have my $20 coupon code as well:

Remember to go follow me on Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade and watch me unbox these pretties when they come in!!!

Until next time……



The Ones That Got Away — Loren Hope Volume 1

Hello! Happy Independence Day! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

I wanted to start a series of posts that expresses regret about not finding the Loren Hope brand sooner. I’m calling it The Ones That Got Away.

The series takes a look at styles from years past that I would have loved, but didn’t have the opportunity to purchase 😢

Loren Hope has been in business for a loooong time and there are many items I regret not having the chance to purchase.

Let’s start today with a style from Holiday 2017 — The Paige Bar Stud!!

These are not your ordinary bar stud. I ♥️ the vertical line. These studs came in multiple colorways.

Apparently the 2017 holiday line had a retro 80s inspired theme with a pair of Tetris earrings with stone placement being completely random – just like the game. Another earring from Holiday 2017 is still being produced— The Madison Earring:

These earrings totally warm my 80s loving ♥️ and I may have to get these!! They totally remind me of the Rubix Cube!

Anyway – I digress….. Back to the Paige Bar Stud….they are so classic and very versatile. It’s a statement earring without being too flashy thanks to the linear style.

I would have bought these in a heartbeat 💗 Alas…’s not to be….I could try to convince Loren to bring them back?????

Ooooh – remember to go follow me on Instagram at drinkingthecrewlade and while you’re there go follow — her Loren Hope Trunk Show is Tuesday 7/6 (evening – not time announced yet). There’s going to be a fall preview!

Also don’t forget to go to the link below for a $20 off Loren Hope Coupon!

Anywho……I hope you will enjoy this series on the ones that got away….Until next time…….



Loren Hope Stud Sale!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

Loren Hope is having a Stud Sale! Buy Three get a pair Free!

And….yes….I bought four pairs of Sophia Studs!!!

Denim, Apricot, Seafoam and Blush…….The only color I don’t have now is Violet (lavender) as that color I really don’t have in my wardrobe.

The sale brings these down to $27/each!!!

Remember to go to my link below to score a $20 coupon to use on regular priced items!!! Go get yourself some pretties!!!

The (on Instagram) trunk show is now set for the evening of Tuesday, July 6. The trunk show will have a few preview items from Loren Hope’s fall line. Can’t wait! My handle on Instagram is drinkingthecrewlade 👍🏻

I hope you all are well and we will see you soon!!!!



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