Drinking The Crewlade

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday!

Let’s go back in time to December 2012 in JCrew Land!!!!




All these looks are sooooooo adorbs!  I *heart* each and every one of them!

Happy Friday!  Enjoy!




Happy New Year!!!!

Delaney and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!  We hope your goals and dreams come true in 2017!

I have several projects and goals I will be working on in 2017.  One is working on getting this blog all prettied up and functional for potential retail use.  My second project is top secret, but I’ve had this project in my head for years and a long time friend has pointed me in the right direction to start working on it.  Yay…..

So my outfit today consists of:

JCrew Wool Teddie Sweater and  teardrop necklace

Old navy denim shirt, gold brocade pixie pants and smoking flats

If these pants don’t scream New Years, I don’t know what does!

Today is also my 12 year anniversary with my boyfriend.  We will be headed to our favorite local restaurant for dinner tonight.  

Thank you for your support this year!  Have a great New Years Eve everyone! See you in 2017!



Flashback Friday and I’m Drinking the Crewlade yet again!!

It’s Flashback Friday! I love this JCrew Factory outfit from 2013!!!

I just wish I was that skinny!!! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get in better shape.

I’m Drinking the Crewlade yet again! JCrew Factory is offering 40% off all clearance using code SHOPCREW.

I purchased this Marnie Sweater in Belvedere Red, Light Thistle and Neon Azalea. 

I love this type of pullover. It’s very versatile. Neon Azalea is a color JCrew offers in many items every single year. It is a gorgeous shade of pink!

I also bought a pendant necklace, which will go with everything!

Until next time…….


Christmas 2016 Outfit of the Day!!!

2016 Xmas OOTD! 

I’m feeling very festive today!  I wanted to feel comfortable today, so jeans it is!

JC perfect shirt (now at JCF), JCF Necklace, JC Teddie Sweater, ON Jeans!!! Totes adorbs! 

How are you celebrating Christmas with JCrew?

Merry Christmas to you all!  Thanks for your love and support this year! I look forward to bringing you more JCrew and Kate Spade love in 2017!!!

Until next time…..



New Arrivals — Early!!!!

Ooooh!!!!  New arrivals were released yesterday instead of Monday, 12.19.16!!!

There’s some cute stuff!!
Which items are your favorite?  Mine is the Geometric Eyelet Top!!

Happy Shopping!

Until next time……



JCrew does it again!

JCrew is known for their jewelry design.  They have brought statement necklaces to the forefront of fashion and this holiday season is no exception.

The Mardi Gras Statement Necklace (red) is gorgeous!  It hits pretty high on the neck and with its thickness it is almost a choker!  I hope this trickles down to JCrew Factory!  Right now it’s 30% off with code HOLIDAY

The Floral Belle Necklace is totes adorbs!  It’s combo of brass, crystal and pearls are so classic. Right now it’s 40% off with code HOLIDAY

These would be my pick for holiday!!!

Until next time…..




OOTD 12.03.16

Happy Saturday!

Today’s Outfit Of The Day is from Old Navy — floral top, red open cards and jeans.  All are current items on their website, but the cardi is no longer offered in red.

This is not how I normally dress — a little boho chic. It’s been raining a lot here in Olympia (more than normal) and it’s not the time to get pretty ballet flats all ruined when running through puddles, so boots it is.

However, I am wearing a JCrew inspired red mini bubble necklace and gold Kate Spade Bourgeois Bow Earrings!!!!  Totes Adorbs!!!!

Dario and I went shopping downtown and had lunch today at a great place called The Lemon Grass.  The food is always good there. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Until next time……



12.01.16 Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

JCrew Inspired OOTD!!! Old Navy Sweater (Not Recent), Denim Shirt (Not Recent), Burgundy Velvet Pixies (current). I am wearing JCrew Factory Circle Necklace though!

What a dorky pic!!!!  Ugh…..

Until next time…..



JCrew Holiday Throwback Thursday


It’s Throwback Thursday!  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite JCrew Holiday Throwbacks!

Let’s go all the way back to Holiday 2006 – 10 years ago!

I LOVE THIS PIC!  The huge wreath with the old fashioned lights, the Lady Day Coat, all the colors, the style of the front door – I love literally everything about it!


Until Next Time…..



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