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Christmas 2016 Outfit of the Day!!!

2016 Xmas OOTD! 

I’m feeling very festive today!  I wanted to feel comfortable today, so jeans it is!

JC perfect shirt (now at JCF), JCF Necklace, JC Teddie Sweater, ON Jeans!!! Totes adorbs! 

How are you celebrating Christmas with JCrew?

Merry Christmas to you all!  Thanks for your love and support this year! I look forward to bringing you more JCrew and Kate Spade love in 2017!!!

Until next time…..



New Arrivals — Early!!!!

Ooooh!!!!  New arrivals were released yesterday instead of Monday, 12.19.16!!!

There’s some cute stuff!!
Which items are your favorite?  Mine is the Geometric Eyelet Top!!

Happy Shopping!

Until next time……



JCrew does it again!

JCrew is known for their jewelry design.  They have brought statement necklaces to the forefront of fashion and this holiday season is no exception.

The Mardi Gras Statement Necklace (red) is gorgeous!  It hits pretty high on the neck and with its thickness it is almost a choker!  I hope this trickles down to JCrew Factory!  Right now it’s 30% off with code HOLIDAY

The Floral Belle Necklace is totes adorbs!  It’s combo of brass, crystal and pearls are so classic. Right now it’s 40% off with code HOLIDAY

These would be my pick for holiday!!!

Until next time…..




OOTD 12.03.16

Happy Saturday!

Today’s Outfit Of The Day is from Old Navy — floral top, red open cards and jeans.  All are current items on their website, but the cardi is no longer offered in red.

This is not how I normally dress — a little boho chic. It’s been raining a lot here in Olympia (more than normal) and it’s not the time to get pretty ballet flats all ruined when running through puddles, so boots it is.

However, I am wearing a JCrew inspired red mini bubble necklace and gold Kate Spade Bourgeois Bow Earrings!!!!  Totes Adorbs!!!!

Dario and I went shopping downtown and had lunch today at a great place called The Lemon Grass.  The food is always good there. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Until next time……



12.01.16 Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

JCrew Inspired OOTD!!! Old Navy Sweater (Not Recent), Denim Shirt (Not Recent), Burgundy Velvet Pixies (current). I am wearing JCrew Factory Circle Necklace though!

What a dorky pic!!!!  Ugh…..

Until next time…..



JCrew Holiday Throwback Thursday


It’s Throwback Thursday!  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite JCrew Holiday Throwbacks!

Let’s go all the way back to Holiday 2006 – 10 years ago!

I LOVE THIS PIC!  The huge wreath with the old fashioned lights, the Lady Day Coat, all the colors, the style of the front door – I love literally everything about it!


Until Next Time…..



Gulp Gulp…..

I am Drinking the Crewlade yet again!

JCrew Factory has a great promo going on!!

WHOAGIFTS gets you 20% off orders of $100+!

I bought the plaid shirt below and also stocked up on some solid Cotton – Wool Teddie Sweaters.

Today’s outfit of the day is a grey JCrew Sweatshirt that says Oui Mon Cheri!!!

No pic today of today’s outfit, as I did not feel like putting make up on at 4:30 this morning.  Ugh….

Anywho…..happy shopping and I hope you have a great week!

Until next time…..




Old Navy Spring 2017 Preview

This preview comes courtesy of NYC Recessionista.

I made this blog to dedicate and document my love for JCrew and Kate Spade.  My mission is to spread the love of these styles and inspire others to create their own style at minimal expense.

Part of that mission is to show how one can take just one piece of either JCrew or Kate Spade and mix it with other brands, i.e.: Old Navy.  Or, alternatively, create a JCrew or Kate Spade look using other brands all together.

I know we have theee weeks until Winter officially hits and it may seem too early to talk about Spring, but Old Navy has a few of these items already on their site and I am already in possession of the Navy Floral Pixies.

So, ok…..can we talk?  Specifically the sunny yellow-mustard yellow cross, which is very present in this collection.  Anyone that knows me knows that mustard yellow is a color I despise.  I am not sure from the pics how mustard yellow this color is, but I’m going to have to see it in person before making a final judgement.

Also, let’s talk about boho chic.  Boho chic was initially brought into trend by designer and stylist Rachel Zoe and it was quickly copied and altered by many bloggers, specifically in Utah and Arizona, and the trend went on from there.  Old Navy has lost A LOT of my money the past year and a half due to making his trend the majority of their inventory.

I am a huge fan of Old Navy Pixie and Harper Pants.  I think I have almost every color and pattern they have made since they debuted a year – two years ago. I love them and will continue to buy them. Their patterns are great and they offer a lot of embossed options during the holiday season.

Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans are coming in some really pretty colors too!  I will try those on and see how they look.  I worry about looking like an Easter egg.

What is your favorite look from this preview?

Until next time….



Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

How are you celebrating with JCrew?

I’m wearing a JCrew Pendant Necklace.

My sister and I will not be taking part in the Black Friday Madness.  We have not gone out on Black Friday in some time.  We’re thinking about going out in the evening when the brouhaha has died down.

Have a great day everyone!



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