Hello Peeps!!! I know it’s not officially fall yet.

But……here comes the Old Navy Holiday Preview!

I’ll give you the link later in the post so you can see everything yourself. But, in preparation for viewing all the pics – I have some opinions…

First: I am so sick of sweats. I rarely wear sweats outside my house if I am going anywhere. I know, I know – COVID. But….I am just done with sweats. They can go bye bye…..

Second: Let’s talk about the Shacket (shirt and jacket combo) trend. It’s from the 90s and it needs to go away. I’m not here for it.

The combo of one and two in the preview makes it look like you just rolled out of bed and threw something on. No effort and it makes people look like a shapeless slob.

Don’t even get me started on the shoes featured in one and two 🙄

Third: Distressed denim. Massive Holes in jeans. I can handle a little hole in the knee but come on people….it makes you look even more sloppy.

With that being said, there are a few gems in the preview. Below is my favorite:

This fair isle cardigan sweater — what I can see of it — is right up my alley. I might need to go up a size because it’s cropped. It’s adorable!

This fair isle sweater is really pretty. I am feeling the pink and black color combo.

I will be buying this sweater. Love the color….Love the snowflake pattern…..Just LOVE…..

I am a sucker for rainbow looking patterns. Love this sweater!

If you want to view the entire press kit here ya go:


In summary- there are a couple of gems in here, but nothing really to entice me to have my discretionary spending going here for the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed this preview…..Until next time….